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Logistics Management and Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

TransCore's Distribution Services, powered by IntelliTrans, provide a single, reliable, proactive way to integrate transportation and inventory needs across all modes, especially rail and intermodal. We have achieved results for customers worldwide, reducing distribution chain inventory, improving asset utilization, selecting optimal transportation mode, and lowering operational costs.

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GVP Product Sheet

Learn how TransCore GVP reduces distribution chain inventory and improves asset utilization

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TransCore’s Global Visibility Platform (GVP), powered by IntelliTrans, gives you command and control over complex multi-modal shipments and helps you streamline your freight logistics.

TransCore’s GVP delivers:

  • Easy to use platform covering your rail, truck, intermodal container, barge and ocean shipments
  • Management by exception
  • Alerts, alarms and ad-hoc reports
  • Real-time updates to original and dynamic ETAs
  • Pipeline reporting
  • Proactive shipment management services
  • Fleet, lease and maintenance management
  • BOL generation and diversion management
  • Analytics and KPIs
  • GPS integration, including mapping
  • Rail yard management
  • Asset distribution
  • B2B data integration
  • Vendor managed inventory

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CarrierPoint Product Sheet

Learn how CarrierPoint can help reduce distribution costs and improve your bottom line

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CarrierPoint is a web-based transportation management system (TMS) that reduces labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone business processes. Whether you ship one thousand or 10,000 loads a month, lowering distribution costs helps improve your bottom line.

TransCore's CarrierPoint TMS delivers:

  • Electronic requests for quotation (RFQ)
  • Dock scheduling
  • Rating and least-cost carrier utilization
  • Load tendering
  • Freight bill audit, reconciliation and payment
  • Backhaul matching and continuous move
  • LTL consolidation
  • B2B integration
For more information visit CarrierPoint.com.

Let us help you examine your complete enterprise and identify areas for improved operational efficiencies. From problem discovery to solution implementation, TransCore’s objective approach is designed to improve your bottom line.

Our consultants will:

  • Develop and analyze “as-is” processes
  • Generate a logistics income statement
  • Identify areas for process improvement
  • Provide benchmarks
  • Optimize your network
  • Coordinate customer service, plant and production personnel
  • Implement systems and process changes
  • Monitor and publish KPIs
  • Ensure audited savings are delivered to your bottom line

TransCore’s M2S gives you total visibility into your inventory across multiple warehouses and modes of transportation.

TransCore's M2S delivers:

  • “Total-Inventory Visibility” across transload facilities handling bulk or break bulk materials
  • A graphical user interface showing Inbound, Release Order & Outbound activity by equipment
  • Visibility at the SKU level
  • Inventory tracking at the bin or bay location level
  • Tracking of all miscellaneous charges to book other billable activities within your facility
  • EDI triggered by advance shipping notices, inbounds, release orders and outbounds
  • Transaction rating and invoicing
  • Scale interface for accurate billing and inventory
  • HAZMAT loading compatibility verification
  • Customized inventory, customer and management reports
  • B2B integration

TransCore’s Rail Car Repair System helps you manage repairs to keep your assets as productive as possible.

TransCore's Rail Car Repair System includes:

  • Quote functionality including work, materials and labor
  • Inspection entry at the car with pricing based on AAR and customer specific pricing rules
  • Program and quote maintenance
  • Inspection & BRC creation
  • Billing Repair Cards (BRCs)
  • Work order creation including pick lists & materials by work order
  • Materials purchasing & inventory system
  • EHMS & Air Brake Alerts
  • Invoicing
  • Car status tracking
  • Facility scheduling
  • B2B integration

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